Universal Synthesiser Stickers
144 tiny color accents for almost any instrument. Especially useful for portable synths with small keys and not much space on the front panel. The rings fit op-z keys perfectly, semicircles peculiarly fit op-1 key edges. More fits to discover!
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The most concentrated form of colorful instrument stickers. A small A6 sheet includes 144 various precut stickers for you to get creative with. There are two octaves of named note circles and much more pure colors. They come in the form of a circle, a ring, a semiring and a straight line. The rings fit teenage engineering op-z portable sequencer key precisely. You can fit narrow strips of color to Electron, Roland, Arturia and other synths and MIDI-devices.

These stickers are small enough to fit almost any instrument there. Synths of different forms and sizes, piano keyboards, guitars of all kinds, kalimbas, hung drums and tank drums, even harps and more.

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White vinyl with durable UV print
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