Visual Music Language tools for offline study and play

Touch the Colors of Notes

Experience music in a whole new way with Chromatone's innovative colored note system. Simply touch the color you want to hear and unleash the power of synesthesia, a unique way where your senses connect. Put stickers on different instruments and find same notes at various places easily. See the notes, feel the colors.

Effortless Learning & Creative Play

We offer high quality vinyl instrument stickers. They work with all MIDI keyboards, guitar, ukulele and other tonal instruments. Once carefully applied they may last months of regular playing and can become a solid bridge to come from colors to notes.

Once not needed, they can be easily removed with common rubbing alcohol, which is also reliably safe for most surfaces of music instruments. Peel off the stickers and wipe off glue residue with alcohol soaked cloth.

Free worldwide shipping is included! Upgrade to tracked shipping for added peace of mind.

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